A1 to B2

Maria ____________ Brazilian.

Paul's studying medicine because he wants to be a____________

Jim ____________ got a car.

John is ____________ brother.

What's your ____________ sport?

Excuse me. ____________ time please?

What time ____________ get up in the morning?

I usually ____________ at the supermarket on Saturday mornings.

What ____________ Mary for her birthday?

My brother ____________ in London.

____________there a restaurant near here?

Do you prefer to have a ____________ or a bath in your bathroom?

How ____________ is the cheese sandwich please?

____________the food like at that Indian restaurant you went to last night?

I like ____________ because I like to laugh.

London is more ____________ than Paris.

____________ to go for a pizza this evening?

Look! It ____________

Hello, ____________ I speak to Jane please?

Peter loves giving presents, he's very ____________

What's____________? You look upset.

If you do more exercise you will____________

To get to the Post Office, ____________at the end of this road.

Bye bye, George! ____________a nice weekend!

BILL I really love football.

I____________18 years old when I started my first job.

I didn't ____________ TV last night.

My grandfather was born eighty years____________

It was nice to meet you. See you____________, I hope.

Many people prefer jobs with flexible____________

I'm ____________ sorry, but I can't come to your party tonight.

John ____________ his wife in 2004.

I'm sure ____________ a great time at the party next Saturday.

How much time do you ____________ doing your English homework?

Are you going shopping? ____________ with you if you like.

Jane is the ____________ girl in her class.

Excuse me, I ____________ if you could show me the way to the train station?

You shouldn't ____________ a lady how old she is.

In England people usually ____________ hands when they first meet.

Hurry up or we'll ____________ our train!

I was so ____________ yesterday because I fell asleep in class!

____________anything next Friday?

Many types of watches ____________ in Switzerland.

I like these trousers but they don't ____________ me. They're much too small!

I ____________ my driving test last week, so now I'll have to take it again.

SUSAN I've got four sisters. RUTH ____________you?

What would you do if you ____________ a million pounds?

I'm trying to ____________ money to buy a new car.

You're from Liverpool, ____________?

You ____________ to study hard if you want to pass your exams.

I'm usually too ____________ after work to go out.

My parents ____________ married since 1985.

If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth____________

I ____________ home yesterday when it started raining.

John wants to be president of his company - he's very____________!

People say English people tend ____________ rather reserved.

I try to ____________ my desk every day after work.

The thing you open bottles with is ____________ a bottle opener in English.

Take your umbrella ____________ it rains.

Could you ____________ me a favour please?

In order to log on to a computer you sometimes need to enter a____________

Many new houses ____________ in the town where I live.

____________to post that card to Pete - it's his birthday tomorrow.

I don't know many people ____________ still smoke nowadays.

Mary went to the party ____________ of her headache.

I think I've got a cold. I can't stop____________

If you don't know the meaning of a word you can ____________ in a dictionary.

____________I opened the window?

My doctor ____________ me I should eat less meat.

Peter ____________ me to go to the theatre with him next week.

Sorry, I didn't quite ____________ what you said.

I wish I ____________ get up early every morning!

Jane ____________ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.

Hi Jenny. How's it____________?

I don't smoke now, but I ____________ smoke 20 a day!

Paris is ____________ the Eiffel Tower.

If I ____________ earlier, I wouldn't have been late for work.

JACK Would you like me to help you? SUE No it's OK, but thanks____________

The film sounded interesting, but it ____________ to be really boring.

PETER I've just won a million pounds! BILL You must____________!

This time next week I ____________ on the beach on holiday!

One argument ____________ not smoking is that you save a lot of money!

I have never ____________ to Scotland.

____________my advice!

It's usually cheaper to call a ____________ than a mobile phone.

Sorry to bother you, but ____________ I could have a word with you?

I'm going to ask my bank for a ____________ to redecorate the kitchen.

ANDREW I'm sorry I'm late. DAVID It____________!

I was ____________ tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.

Do you fancy ____________ away for the weekend?

How often do you have____________?

My husband is useless at home - he can't even ____________ a light-bulb!

What ____________ me about Steve is that he's always late!

By 2020 I believe we will ____________ a settlement on Mars.

It's difficult to ____________ a living with a part-time job.

I haven't got my keys. I ____________ them at home.


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